Anderson Trees and Gardens Limited provides a range of grass cutting services ranging from regular weekly or 2 weekly lawn mowing to one off cuts to get an overgrown lawn back in good order. We also offer re turfing or re seeding as needed.

Lawn Mowing:

We can provide either a one off grass cut or a regular weekly or fortnightly cut
throughout the growing season, depending on the condition and growth rate of your lawn.

lawn mowing and gardening nottingham We use quality professional grade equipment and with our knowledge and experience can determine the correct method and height of cut for individual lawns depending on the requirements and conditions.

Every lawn cut includes edging to guarantee that the lawn has a clean and crisp appearance.

All of the clippings are collected up and not left lying on the lawn, paths or borders.

Most lawns get a fair bit of wear and tear, plenty of foot fall and lawn mowers running over them for most of the year. Don’t forget your lawn is a collection of thousands of small plants and they need the care and attention that the rest of your garden gets. We also offer mechanical services for your lawn such as scarification and aeration to relieve thatch build up and compaction and to improve the health and quality of your lawn overall.

Scarification is the process of removing moss, thatch and dead grass that has built up in the Scarifying and aerating lawn Nottinghamlawn surface. This drastically improves the health of the lawn by letting in light, air and nutrients into the plants. It should only be carried out when the grass is actively growing, either in the spring or autumn and we would definitely never scarify in the winter, between November and the beginning of March, as this would cause damage that could take years to recover from. We can scarify any size of lawn and will always collect and remove all debris.

Aeration is a very important part of any lawn care programme and involves the punching of small holes into the surface of the lawn. There are many benefits of this including increased air flow to the roots, relieve compaction, encourage new root growth, improve nutrient uptake, improve drainage and encourage soil borne microbes and there activity which are important in creating a healthy soil. We always remove all cores from the lawn otherwise this would defeat the purpose of the operation.

Turfing nottingham

Turfing– We also offer a turfing  service for a lawn that has deteriorated to such an extent that replacing with new turf is the only viable option. Or for an area of ground to lay a new lawn or extending the size of your existing lawn.

We only use a high quality turf, ‘show home quality’, that is grown in Lincolnshire on some of the finest soil for growing turf in the UK. We have found that cheaper less quality turf does not give the instant quality look the we try to achieve.

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